If the code is showing error and the code is for gaming platform such as Origin, Steam, Uplay, Battlenet, Playstation, Xbox, etc. the customer should follow the following steps:
1. At first, the customer must provide the time and date he bought the code and attempted to redeem it. (Recommended to redeem within 12 hours) 2. Then the customer has to take a screenshot by putting the code in the box(redeem code box) and also take another screenshot after pressing the “use code” or “redeem code” option. Then he must forward the screenshot to the key provider. 3. After providing photos the customer must go to the support center of that specific platform and contact them that why is the code showing error and when this code was used. After that, the customer must provide the screenshot of the chat with the support center and the photo must include that customer showed the code to the support center.


2. If the support center shows that the code was redeemed before the customer had purchased the key and the customer shows proof properly then the customer gets a new product key or refund. 3. Store owners will not contact the support center on behalf of the customer as the code used and account user is the customer himself. 4. Without proper proof, the customer will not receive any new code or refund and will remain self-responsible. 5. The store will not be responsible if the customer fails to prove that his code was invalid. In this case, the customer gets no refund or new code. 6. These types of error cases are handled within 7 business days. (Except Saturday and Sunday) 7. If the customer fails to contact store support within 48 hours of purchase the store owner will not provide any support to the customer as it will be count as a fraud report. 8. As a customer purchase from the store, he accepts these rules. So the store is not bound to take steps that break these rules.

We don’t handle the account ban issue. Your account can be banned for several reasons. We are not responsible for this case. Customer’s account issues must be handled by the customer.