How to survive and win a battle royale in PUBG Mobile

How to survive and win a battle royale in PUBG Mobile

How to survive and win a battle royale in PUBG Mobile

Fans know it as Player Unknown BattleGround or PUBG, finally available for mobile devices. The great success of PC, Xbox One, and now Android and iOS may lose some space from Epic Games to Fortnite in the ‘Great War of the Great War’, but Sandbox Kill-Fest has reigned supreme over Android Play games with millions of downloads.

For this new game, the first thing you should know is that PUBG is about surviving the extreme edge in a free 100 person or team game by any means necessary. However, if you are a player who likes to hold the best weapons and you can find and shoot all the weapons, or if you choose the stealthy way, the game has some basic rules that apply to everyone who enters the battleGround.

In this guide, you will find some essential PUBG mobile tips and tricks that will put you in front of the pack and help you pack that sweet chicken dinner.

Choose where to land very carefully

How to survive and win a battle royale in PUBG Mobile

A PUBG game lasts half an hour or if things go horribly wrong, it can end up in seconds. One surefire way to get out too early is to misinterpret your initial landing point, making it first on our list of PUBG mobile tips and strategies.

As a general rule, you should aim for the best loot places on the map of the game you are playing while avoiding as many players as possible. There are a few specific areas that regularly spawn the best weapons and armor such as Arming Base, Power Station, or the original Erangel on various big cities on the map but be aware that other experienced players will also go there.

When you jump off a cargo plane, go to one place and watch the other players jump and avoid areas like the plague.

Similarly, once you fall for free don’t rain incessantly: mark enough safe areas with most buildings so you can catch loot and move forward to speed up your way. The buildings will appear as white blocks in the minimap, so be sure to go in the right direction.

If you don’t see it, you can always open your parachute early and go to a decent landing area. Just be aware that every second you spend in the sky is a second that your opponents will use to collect loot.

Loot first, shot later

Let me emphasize this one last time: You are dead when you die in PUBJ. In singles, there is no chance of a second, and in the squads, you will put your team’s chances of winning at risk if you drop out early.

Once you hit the ground, your first priority is to be prepared so that you don’t have to cut through in an early collision. You will see serious loot spread throughout the building and supply box supplies. The latter has the most sought-after weapons like the incredibly powerful AWM sniper rifle but keep in mind that you are not alone in hoping to loot.

The most important loot in the early stages is a decent medium weapon, reasonable ammunition, and armor, as well as a backpack upgrade (up to 3 levels) so you’ll have room for a better team when you start exploring. Any weapon is better than your fist or the legendary PUBG Skillet, so grab the nearest firearm before confronting the enemy.

Armor is also very important so you can take more hits in a firefight. Like backpacks, head and body armor are classified from level 1 to 3 but level 3 armor is quite rare. Aim for level 2 or armor, or at least level 1 before picking any part.

Health issues are also a priority. First aid kits are preferred but bandages, painkillers and more will help if needed. Thrown items like grenades will later become more important as offensive or distraction tools once the player counts down, but don’t be afraid to touch an explosive surprise if you encounter an unintentional group from the start.

Shoot as long as you are within range

How to survive and win a battle royale in PUBG Mobile

This is the latest Rocky Bug and it will kill you more than anything else on PUBG Mobile. Determining when to hide and when to attack is a well-balanced task, but you should never fire unless your weapon is likely to hit the target.

Knowing when you are in range will take some practice for beginners if you have any experience with PVP shooters you already have a clear idea of ​​the basics. Shotguns (especially the impressive S12K) and SMGs are useful for close-up cracking damage, assault rifles and pistols are good for mid-range fights, and sniper rifles are good for long-range shots.

Shotguns and SMGs are effective for close-up blast damage, assault rifles and pistols are good for mid-range combat, and sniper rifles are good for long-range shots.

If you are shooting at a distant enemy, say, quite a powerful Tommy Gunn, what you are doing is revealing your position which is fatally wrong.

Accessories can extend the range of some weapons (range assault rifles can sometimes be better than sniper rifles) but some weapons are only effective in certain situations. Shotguns, for example, are great tools for cleaning a building, but they are practically useless in open fields.

Whenever possible, try to keep complementary weapons in hand and carry two weapons that do not carry the same purpose

See map

It will take some games to learn the layout of certain areas of the PUBG map, release everything. As you become accustomed to the scene, pay attention to the minimap and see the decrease in the playing field.

In PUBG, only the safe zone is in “The Circle”. At certain times during the match, this circle will start to shrink and if you find yourself for too long, you will eventually die.

The loss you are taking in this electrified blue field will increase as the circle contracts. In the beginning, you will be fine for a few minutes, while in the final phase you do not last more than ten seconds.

Each new circle will appear on your map as a white outline, so if you look at your own map you will always know where to go. There is no need to rush in the early stages, but in the end, you will have to move on to avoid death by avoiding other players who will do so. You should always try to stay occupied whenever possible, but if you have to move, move quickly and purposefully.

The mini-map also has a technique for finishing its sleeve that you must remember: a fire gauge. If you hear gunshots around you, take a look at the map and see exactly where it came from.

Wheels are better than legs

Do you need to go somewhere fast? Then you need a car, my friend.

Vehicles around every map in the game are littered with garbage but you will find them mostly near major cities and on major roads.

Unfortunately, with plenty of vehicles to drive, there are 99 more players who want to get behind the wheel, so make sure it’s safe before it’s too late.

Motorcycles and bogies are great for getting to the next play area but they will leave you relatively exposed. Larger vehicles like the Jeep will be slower but they are great for carrying about four players for a good amount of protection.

PUBG Mobile’s touchscreen controls can be tricky at best, so you can imagine how difficult it is for an opponent to be hit when they are driving directly toward you. However, the downside is that the amount of attention will attract thanks to those noisy motors.


In PUBG games almost always a small group of warriors lie on the floor and wait for someone else to raise their head. However, the person gets a dome right away, so make sure it’s not you.

An important strategy to become fully prone to PUBJ is to have its own dedicated button. However, it is also a double-edged sword, as you get good excitement and increase in accuracy and usually hide a bit more, the mobility is almost non-existent.

If someone approaches you from behind while staying in your chest, you will almost certainly die, especially if you are looking for a telescope at the same time. Before hitting the ground, look at your mini-map and the surrounding places, and don’t be scared of your opponents while they are lying down.

When you’re outdoors, taking advantage of building aspects for stone and cover can be a much safer option. What PUBG doesn’t tell you is that you can peek through the cover without exposing your soft limbs, but to do that you need to quickly navigate to Settings> Basic Menu.

To “activate” just activate the pick and fire and you can see around the corners your head will be tilted towards you, but you will become a much smaller target than that so you have to do this indomitable far.

One last point about the controls: re-sign the buttons if necessary. There are three presets to choose from for vehicles and general controls, but you can adjust them further by pressing the Customize option. You can go through every aspect of HD as you like, increase the size of the buttons, and change the transparency of the icons, and you can reset everything to the default values ​​if you make a mistake.

Contact your squadmates

How to survive and win a battle royale in PUBG Mobile

PUBG can be very lonely just waiting for an opportunity to attack when you are sitting alone on the field somewhere else. All changes to the game in that twin or group where strategic play and constant communication are the keys to winning.

Attacking numbers is much safer than splitting.

Almost every aspect of cooperative PUBG changes, depending on whether to choose a place to land, who to loot, a target to pick, or even who calls the shotgun aboard the car. Attacking numbers is a lot safer than splitting, but nevertheless, you need to maintain a certain distance from your allies from time to time to distract opponents and maintain lead points.

Fortunately, PUBG Mobile supports native voice chat using your device’s speakers and microphone, though you’ll need to enable the latter in Settings> Audio. You can even choose your own language to make sure you can communicate effectively with your squad.

Alternatively, if you have some friends, you can always use voice and chat apps like Discord. If you want to stay cool, be sure to use at least the in-game quick chat feature. It allows you to send messages like “I’ll cover you” or “In front of enemies” at the touch of a button.

Know your map

How to survive and win a battle royale in PUBG Mobile

While most PUBG mobile maps are more familiar than PUBG fans, it’s important to learn to spread weapons and items on each map to maximize your chances of winning. This will not only affect your landing point but also where you should move as the match progresses.

It is now even more important to know your maps that Miramar, Sunhawk and the newly added Weekend Snow Map have been added to the game. In the case of Weekend, some extra features like Snow Mobile have been presented on the map.

You can learn the best secrets while playing, but you can quickly learn by limiting maps to groups before you start a game. Do this and you’ll be an expert for a while.

Earn Extra Rewards With Royal Pass

Unlike previous PUBG mobile tips, it won’t help you win any games. With the release of PUBG Mobile Update 0.6.0, the game features a Fortnight-like Royal Pass so you can get a lot of rewards for unlocking as you progress through the ranks.

Like the Fortnite Battle Pass, the original version of Royal Pass is free, while the premium coin of the Elite Royal Pass game, UC costs, has another expensive version (Elite Pass Plus) that instantly allows 25 ranks and a few others.

The rewards will not only enhance your game but they will certainly give you some style points along with new clothing and other cosmetic items. You can even earn experience and BP cards for quick rewards as well as earn certain UC or BP bonuses for picking up new cosmetics at the store.

Play on an Emulator

It may seem like a hoax, but there is an official PUBG mobile PC emulator released in 2018 called Tencent Gaming Buddy, and it offers exactly the same experience as a mobile version without a mouse and keyboard.

Of course, you can now play the original version of PUBG for PC, but the emulator has several advantages.

First, it is free. Despite the success of Fortnite’s free model, PUBG is still a paid game. The emulator runs PUBG Mobile which was always free.

Since this is the same game, cross-platform gaming is enabled by default. You can play with your friends who use smartphones but keep in mind that the whole team will face other emulator players. This poses a significant disadvantage to mobile users.

The last thing Tencent Gaming Body did about PUBG was accessibility. PUBG Mobile’s emulator runs on a much less powerful machine than the infamous Optimized Bluehole game. If you want to get a new perspective on your favorite Battle Royale Titan, give it a try.


Do you have any other PUBG mobile tips and strategies to share with your peers? Comments shot.

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