Windows 11 Pro OEM Key

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Microsoft Windows 10 

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Windows 10 is a Microsoft operating system for personal computers, tablets, embedded devices and the internet of things devices. … Windows 10 features built-in capabilities that allow corporate IT departments to use mobile device management (MDM) software to secure and control devices running the operating system.

Definition – What does Microsoft Windows mean?

Microsoft Windows is a group of OSs manufactured by Microsoft. Windows is available in 32 and 64-bit versions and offers a graphical user interface (GUI), multitasking functionalities, virtual memory management capabilities, and support for several peripheral devices. Windows OSs constitute client as well as server versions.

Some of the well-known client versions include Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, and 7. Windows 10 is the most recent version, released in 2015. Some of Windows server versions include Windows NT Server, 2000 Server, 2003 Server, and Server 2008 R2. Windows Server 2016 is the most recent server version.

Techopedia explains Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows started as a vision, but its development vastly shaped the world of IT, perhaps more than any other OS. In 1983, Windows was announced by Microsoft’s founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen. At that time, it was codenamed as Interface Manager, but the Windows name triumphed since it suitably described the windows or boxes needed to view the new OS.

On November 1985, Microsoft introduced Windows 1.0. Before Windows was unveiled, users had to type MS-DOS commands. With the introduction of Windows 1.0, users use a mouse to click through windows or screens. Windows 1.0 included scroll bars, drop-down menus, dialog boxes, and icons, which were very user-friendly compared to the earlier MS-DOS platform. Users were also able to switch between multiple programs without quitting and restarting each program.

Desktop icons and expanded memory were developed in later versions of Microsoft Windows, along with the capabilities of downloading Windows by way of floppy disks. Microsoft Windows virtual memory improved graphical interfaces. Together with other applications designed for Windows, the OS became very popular.


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Original price was: ৳ 2,500.00.Current price is: ৳ 1,999.00.
Original price was: ৳ 2,500.00.Current price is: ৳ 1,999.00.
Original price was: ৳ 2,500.00.Current price is: ৳ 1,999.00.
Original price was: ৳ 2,500.00.Current price is: ৳ 1,999.00.
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